Dental Tourism in Thailand: An Overview of the Costs, Benefits, and Safety


Dental insurance is one of the most talked out topics in the US. The lack of coverage and high costs prevents one from getting any work done unless it can’t be delayed anymore. We have all been told since childhood that not taking care of our teeth can have a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing and prevent gum-related issues in the future. But how is it possible when the costs are too high? What other alternative do people have?
Dental Tourism in Thailand – the answer you have been looking for. There is a reason why Thailand is known as the Land of Smile! Although high regard for this goes to the hospitable and heartwarming nature of the people, the booming dental industry is also a reason to be noticed. Some 1.5 million foreigners come to Thailand annually for a dental procedure. Dental procedures in Thailand promise high-quality healthcare that comes at an affordable rate. Don’t believe us? Continue reading!
1.Cost Differences
The cost difference is one of the primary reasons why Thailand welcomes so many dental patients each year. The dental work is much cheaper than what people from countries like the USA, the UK or Australia can get at home. If we just talk about a simple root canal procedure, it can cost you thousands of dollars in the USA. Whereas you can pay out of your pocket for the same procedure here in Thailand. Some common dental procedures offered in Thailand at cheap costs include:
1. Tooth Filing ($45)
2. Tooth Cleaning ($74)
3. Crowns ($543)
4. Implants ($1,448)
5. Root Canal ($271)
Can your images get rates this good anywhere else? Probably not!
2.A Variety of Treatments
From dental implants, veneers, bridges to tooth cleaning, there is a multitude of dental procedures offered in Thailand, which is another compelling reason to pay a visit. The procedures are performed using advanced technologies and by expert dentists and surgeons. It is safe to say that whatever procedure you need to get done, you will get it in Thailand with the best care available.
Since a huge chunk of their tourism comes from medical tourism, the government keeps a strict check on public healthcare facilities to ensure that the best practices are used and set standards are met.
4.Bilingual Staff
As Thailand offers its medical services mostly to foreigners, they have housed hospital staff that knows how to speak and understand English. Although a simple thing, it helps the patients to express themselves freely and voice out their concerns with a peace of mind that they will be understood.
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