5 Reasons Thailand Dominates the Medical Tourism Industry


Thailand – the land of smiles or so as we like to call it, is becoming the hub for medical tourism. Each year millions of tourists visit Thailand to have their bodies carved to perfection (coolsculpting). Some insist on a mummy makeover (cosmetic surgery) while others are excited about a tummy tuck, some come seeking the best dentists while others are just here to get the best of therapeutic massages and mediating sessions. Over all, some $600 million is spent yearly by medical tourists in Thailand.  Some of the most sought-after medical surgeries that bring some 3 million tourists from across the globe each year include:
• Knee or hip replacements
• Eye Surgery, Organ transplants
• Liposuctions
• Cosmetic implants
• Breast Enlargement
• Tummy Tuck
• Full-body makeovers etc.
But that still doesn’t answer why so many tourists are attracted to come here and get their medical surgeries done instead of visiting any other country? In this post, we review the top 5 reasons that make Thailand the hub of medical tourism.
1.Qualified Doctors and highly-trained professional staff
All professional doctors, nurses, surgeons, paramedical and physicians are offered professional training on and off. Thanks to its popularity as the center of medical tourism, Thailand houses some of the best licensed and accredited doctors and staff to meet the global standards. A majority of the medical professionals have medical degrees from the finest medical institutions in the US or the UK or both.
Since the country faces intense competition from its neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore, medical treatments offered here come at a very low rate. This was a strategic move to welcome more tourists by the government. However, just because the medical surgeries are offered at an affordable rate doesn’t mean they compromise on the quality of procedures and facilities used. The costs are as low as 40% to 60% compared with what tourists pay for the same treatments elsewhere.
3.Offering Alternative and Holistic Treatments Post Surgery
The process of healing after surgery is one of the most crucial steps. Care and therapy are required and it comes in the form of multiple holistic and alternative treatments, especially devised to promote wellness. Some most common modalities include acupuncture, cupping, and facial rejuvenation and mediated massages with deep pressure techniques.
4.Internationally Accredited Healthcare
Did you know that Thailand houses Asia’s first-ever International Accredited hospital? Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the best hospitals offering excellent medical services. Other than that, there are 50+ other Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals as well.
5.Wide Spectrum of Treatment
Other than plastic surgery, dental or cosmetic treatments, Thailand is also renowned to feature a broad spectrum of medical treatments such as transgender procedures, orthopedics, cardiology, transplants, reproductive/IVF treatments and much more.
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