5 Reasons to Make Bangkok Your Next Medical Tourism Destination


High quality and affordable medical care coupled with an exquisite vacation package is what is termed as medical tourism. Over the past few decades, medical tourism has greatly flourished in many developing countries and has become a good source of generating staggering revenues. When we talk about the best medical tourism destinations Asia tops the list and Thailand is considered as world's biggest medical tourism destinations. It is expected that more than 3 million medical tourists visit Bangkok every year for various medical treatments and procedures pumping more than $4.00 billion revenue in Thailand's economy. Let us have a look at 5 major reasons which make Bangkok, Thailand the best choice for your next medical tourist destination.

1. Affordability
The basic motive behind medical tourism is mostly to receive quality medical care at a much lower cost. Most of the medical treatments and procedures offered in Bangkok are about 40%-70% cheaper than those offered in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other first world countries. Whether you are interested in getting a facelift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or you are looking for world-class dental procedures, fertility treatments, spinal surgeries, knee replacements, hip replacements or shoulder reconstructions, Bangkok can offer you massively affordable range of medical treatments.

2. Attractive Packages
There are many world-renowned hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand that offer a complete package of specialized treatments. For instance, if you interested in getting dental implants, you may find attractive packages that offer discounted dental cosmetic treatments and totally free consultation service.

3. Convenience
From getting a medical tourist visa to scheduling a medical procedure everything can be done with great ease and simplicity. Medical tourists from different parts of the world can even enjoy the luxury of Visa exemption. The government has allowed medical tourists to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa as long as they have a passport that is valid for six months. You can even apply for your visa upon your arrival. These government policies and incentives have surely made Thailand a major medical tourism hub in the world.

4. Wide Range of Treatment Options
Every medical treatment that you are able to find in most of the highly advanced Western countries is available in Bangkok, Thailand with equivalent competency but at a much lower cost. From the most advanced heart surgeries to the most respected cosmetic surgical procedures and everything in between, all the medical services are offered by highly trained and skilled doctors at JCI accredited hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand.

5. Best Tourism Destination
Whether you are a medical tourist or just an ordinary person looking for a great tourist destination, Thailand is the best place to enjoy your vacation. Its sun-kissed beaches, warm weather, exquisite Thai cuisine, and effective tourism infrastructure offer better holiday fun pre or post treatment.