PMDC Dental Clinic

PMDC international Cosmetic Dental Center, One of The Best Dental Center of Thailand Medical Tourism If you want to have a beautiful smile ,PMDC can help you. In the world of cosmetic dentistry PMDC is one of the best and most experience dental center in the world. With our world-class service we can improve your smile in many situation. We have gathered all of the lated technology in cosmetic dentistry and bring out many Choice of Treatment. If you want to have whiter teeth you can do Bleaching or Porcelain Veneer. If you have any defect of your smile you can correct the defect such as worn teeth , too long, too short, malposition teeth , very dark teeth etc. by doing Porcelain Veneer. In the case that you have to do crown or Bridge or change the exisit unnatural restoration our All Ceramic Crown and Bridge can serve you. When you are looking for Implant Treatment we are the one that really take care of the esthetic outcome. We immitate the natural with the pink and white concept when we do the Single Implant Tooth. When you have to do Multiple Implant we will emphasis on teeth arrangement and Ridge Augmentation to confirm that the outcome will have the most esthetic that you can have. We always take care of the gum line getting along with arrangement of the teeth. Our Famous Dental Gallery can confirm you that we are the one that have much experience and technology to take care of your teeth. As you may know that thailand is one of the best Medical Tourism in the World. We are the dental center that situate in the heart of Bangkok which easily come by BTS Skytrain.We have the reasonable Treatment Fee that very cheap when compare to your country. You can save your money back if you plan to have the major work done in our dental center. So if you have plan to have the major dental work , please consider to have free vacation to thailand and have the high standard of treatment with us and may be save the money back when compare to do it in your country. Or if you have plan to Visit Bangkok please think of us , you can have the high quality Cosmetic Dentistry done with a very cheap reasonable Treatment Fee.



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